Lamp Blaster







The Lamp “Blaster”, 2011

The Lamp “Blaster” – is a replication of fantastic space weapons, but only difference is that pulsed plasma beam is conditional – this blaster is shooting with a light beam.
In my works, I use things that are out of date by certain criteria, became unfashionable, partially broken. I turn them into essential elements of the new object, interesting and useful.
I love the quality things and natural materials, and more – stories that the rarity can tell.
What was once in use or a part of the interior, at some point it ceases to be, breaks or loses its value. Everything in the world has the properties of fluidity and changeability – and even the coarse material things of matter can continue their lives in new forms.
I love antique and vintage items, but because from time to time try to turn unnecessary, but neat stuff out of wood and metal into something new, modern and essential.
In addition, the Lamp “Blaster” – is an example of how, through metamorphosis, you can reduce the amount of waste and emissions into the environment.
The basis of the lamp is a burnt oak log, which combines perfectly peeled edges and rough scorched wood fibres. Elements of stainless steel and surface roughness, in my opinion, gives the lamp some grunge. A retro style of individual elements and their combination creates a request for belonging the lamp to the style of steampunk.
All parts of the finished object – alive, real, with its past, unique scars and cracks – implemented in a new life called “The Lamp Blaster.”
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