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Lamp “Lyusterko” (Mirror), 2014.
Everyone and everything in the world loves the sun.
Bright or cloudy – it’s like the light from the Star of our main illuminator.
Without this light, we would have lost a sense of visual shape of objects and colors.
It is sunlight inspired inventors to develop the equipment and devices to play it at a time when the primary source is unavailable.
All luminaries and lamps in the World – is an ode to the Sun and its rays.
The further scientific progress comes, the more we understand our roots is in the ground, and our heads are towards the light.
The dependence of the Sun we have are so high that we want to be like the light, play light, to be a light for someone, to find it in somebody.
This lamp – is an analogue of an ordinary man who remembers his earthly origins and roots. Urban features of the surrounding reality, not only does not give him to grow, but also creates barriers. However, the iron rod intentions and character to help continue to produce light, multiplying it by his own forces and like-minded associates.
Used materials:
– Tree “Ash”
– Aluminium rod
– Incandescent Lamp
– Mirrors
– Rubber lining
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