Igor Tomenchuk




I began to engage in design when I was a child. Long before the word “design” became a rooted word in spoken vocabulary of average Ukrainian.
I’ve always had an interest in visual aspects, composition, forms, and textures.The desire to compose and combine materials and objects became stronger over the years.
One of my favorite games in my childhood was the process of taking toys apart to small pieces and then picking them together, but in a “new” and more interesting (in my opinion) way. In all appropriate for this little cars I installed motors, I cut the parts, glued, painted, finalized with a file :-). Actually, the same as many children do.
My grandfather was a carpenter and taught the wood carving. He instructed me how to understand the materials, its properties. He taught me simple but precious lessons of elementary understanding – what is a high-quality work.
Many hours of my young life I spent in the workshop of my grandfather: studied, had a practice and gained an experience.
I thought that my impulse to create things – it’s just a hobby.
I got education quite distant from my interests and during a certain period was trying to realize myself as a lawyer. It was not difficult, but it was completely not interesting and did not bring me happiness. For a while I thought that my “hobby” can not be a job and during my spare time I made furniture, jewelry boxes, lamps and other creative things.
Things that I created always got a resonance among relatives and friends. This was the last grain of sand, which fell on a scalepan of weighing-machine of my self-determination and choice.
Since 2007, I began to deal exclusively with the design, determining such areas as graphic design, product design and interior design.
Design has always attracted me, attracts by now and I sincerely hope – will attract me whole of my life.
As for target audience, I do not define it by age, income, sphere of activity, etc. – Because this is creativity. If things I created such close for you as for me, I will be glad to share it with you.
I often say that: “Everyone has a light – a unique and the only one. It is totally individual. It shows just the way you are, but not the way you want to be seemed. Light does not cheat, it discovers the real you.”
Currently I live and work in Kiev, betweentimes I travel.Travels give me inspiration and ideas for new items and creativity.
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